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sparkle up your event with a glitter bar!

Glitter Me Adelaide Glitter Bar.jpg

From markets, festivals, launch parties or any event where you have lots of people attending, we offer a 'first come, first served' glitter bar service. We will glitter as many people as possible within the time-frame, just let us know a ball park of crowd expectancy. Based on event requirements and capacity, we will either quote for 2x glitter technicians or 1x glitter technician with an extended service time. 


  • Bespoke peachy pink glitter station

  • 1x stool for guests to relax on whilst being glittered

  • 1 or 2x glitter technician to apply the glitter

  • Over 60 types of glitter in all sizes and colour

  • Assorted face jewels in a myriad of colours and shapes

  • Optional: Add on glitter tattoos

Application and designs are altered based on the amount of guests attending. Use the contact form below and let us know how we can help! Be sure to include date, glitter bar start time, venue and how many people you're expecting. 

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