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Is the glitter you use eco-friendly? 

The bioglitter we use is designed to biodegrade quickly and safely in natural freshwater environments. Most 'bioglitter' you find on the market is still partly classified as PET glitter, which contains plastic. We have put in the research to secure bioglitter that biodegrades in freshwater environments, as products labelled '100% plastic free can be used without qualification and don't necessarily describe the eco credentials of a product. This glitter is safe to use on faces, and softer than traditional glitter on the skin. 



how many people can you glitter in an hour? 

We tailor each time and design spent on guests based on how many people are in attendance. With just glitter on the face we can glitter up to 40 in an hour, with gems and glitter we can glitter 25-30. It's all based on what your event requirements are. 



how far you do travel around adelaide?

We travel anywhere in South Australia, but please bear in mind that for events out of 20kms from glitter HQ (Glenelg North) We will have to include a travel fee with your booking.  



how do i remove my glitter?

Oil based products are the best way to remove your face glitter, but you can also use cleanser and baby wipes, making sure to wipe away from the eyes if you have glitter around this area. Taking off your face jewels is easy, just pop them off! Be sure to clean them and keep them for future festival fun. 



I have sensitive skin! Can I still have glitter?

Absolutely, the glitter we use is cosmetic grade - meaning it's safe to use on skin. 



i want to hire you at a venue? is there much mess involved?

There is little fallout when we setup/pack down and apply the glitter, but please do bear in mind that if you're dancing, you may get sweaty on the face, causing a few glitter particles to become loose. Hiring us at a venue with strict cleaning policies is at the hirers discretion. After all - it is glitter!



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